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Energy Assessments/Reports

Having an Energy Assessment or Report is now mandatory in all states and territories if you want to sell or lease out a property.

The extra cost associated in order to get an Assessment or Report has added to the many burdening costs to property owners.

An extra added cost and it can be a significant one, is if the Energy Assessor doing the Report or Assessment for you, gives you a Report or Assessment that is not done properly.

It can have a big impact on your pocket if they have rated your property below the accepted level and you need to do certain things to bring your Energy rating to an accepted and required level.

Different Energy Assessors have different strategies in order to bring your property to accepted levels.

 In short, Inexperienced and Incompetent Assessors will more than likely give you the expensive and time consuming options.

Competent and Experienced Assessors will more than likely give you the less expensive and less time consuming strategies to bring your Energy rating to an excepted level.

So how do you know if the Energy Assessor that you may employ is competent? Well this is very hard for someone who has no or limited experience in this field.

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